Thank You!

Steve Stenberg for Chula Vista City Council District 2!


Steve Stenberg has served protecting our neighborhoods, city, state, and nation for more than 40 years. Steve served in the Air Force. He then went into law enforcement before becoming a firefighter. Steve Stenberg will continue that service as a Chula Vista City Councilmember. 

As a councilmember, Steve Stenberg will work hard to improve public safety so that our families will continue to enjoy safe neighborhoods and schools. He will work to provide the necessary support to police and fire so they are able to do their jobs. Currently, there are only eight school resource officers (SRO's) spread out between 61 schools in Chula Vista. Steve Stenberg will work to increase the number of SRO's, so that all of our children can learn and grow in safe and protected schools. The safety of Chula Vista is Steve Stenberg's NUMBER ONE priority.


Steve and his family opened a small business in the heart of Downtown Chula Vista, earning the Mayor’s Award for Neighborhood Revitalization. 

Steve Stenberg will strive to bring quality jobs to Chula Vista and make economic development a top priority. Good jobs translate into increased local revenue to city services. Steve will work with the City to streamline the process of opening a new business in Chula Vista. He will look at current fees and regulations with the goal of lightening the burden on new business owners.


 Steve Stenberg grew up in Chula Vista and attended local schools. He and his wife, Dr. Melinda Stenberg, a Sweetwater School District employee, raised their family in Chula Vista.  

Steve Stenberg will work hard to ensure our city streets and parks are maintained and pledges that our tax dollars will be spent on the areas that will most benefit the community. Steve Stenberg will ensure Chula Vista remains a great place to live, work, and raise our families.