Chula Vista Police Department is approaching crisis. Currently the Police Department has .82 officers for every 1000 citizens of Chula Vista. The national standard is 1.2 officers per 1000 citizens. Chula Vista is 132 officers short. What does this mean to you, the citizen? It means response times for the Police Department for 911 emergency calls average 7 minutes or longer. They should be 6 minutes or less. Priority 3 and 4 calls are often handled by a police report taken in person or over the phone, hours after the complaint was called in. Our Police Department is stretched thin, even as the city has grown larger every year since 2008. We must staff our Police Department with enough officers to properly protect our citizens against the threats that are all around us.

The City of Chula Vista has grown 25% since 2008. The Fire Department is 44 firefighters short based on this growth. Their 911 call response time should be under 5 minutes, but are often 7-9 minutes, or more with cross-town calls. 

This isn’t about earning large salaries and benefits as reported. It is about providing a level of fire and medical safety that our citizens deserve when in need. I will fight hard so that the revenue promised for increased staffing of the Police Department and the Fire Department will ONLY go toward increased staffing of these two departments, to make Chula Vista a more desirable and safer place to live and raise a family. 


Fostering economic development in Chula Vista is crucial to our city's well being. Attracting large and small businesses increases revenue and helps pay for increased city services, such as Police and Fire. 

When others warned against and laughed at our idea of opening a new business on Third Avenue, my family and I opened a business there, helping to spark the revitalization of Downtown Chula Vista's Third Avenue Village.

Using that same visionary drive, I will push hard to also revitalize Broadway. We will work to build a bicycle and pedestrian friendly Broadway for our families and tourists to enjoy. Along those same lines, guiding the redevelopment of F Street, from the Bayfront to Third Avenue, is crucial to bringing guests to Third Avenue and from Third Avenue to the Bayfront hotel and businesses. 

The Bayfront project will launch in 2019. This is located in District 2. I will watch it closely to ensure it is finally built out completely and efficiently for the enjoyment and use of both our local citizens and tourists to our fine city, Chula Vista.


Chula Vista was once known as the Lemon Capital. We do not want to replace that with being known as the Marijuana Capital. I will fight for cracking down on the black market of illegal drug sales and insist on strong regulations of the legal store fronts and mobile marijuana delivery services in Chula Vista. My commitment to you, is that I will protect our children, families, and our city from becoming overgrown with marijuana fields and storefronts.